Handmade Artwork by RD.
Signed by the Artist
Edition of 1.
Date of Release: 10 January 2018.


“For the last Year, I have hardly seen a Person. I have hardly seen a Person for the Year before, or the Years before that. I lead a withdrawn Life without much social Interaction and I like it this Way.
My World circles around Music, Art, and Silence.
I do a lot of Self Reflection. Reflecting upon the Projections of Myself and occasionally on the Projections of Others upon Me. I do a lot of Dream Research and am more and more incorporating my Dreamworld into my daily World, inviting actively, my Dreams to manifest them selves in the daily World. Stimulating States of Hypnagogia. My Music Nowadays is connected closely to a hypnagogic State. Having brief Moments of Sleep (5-10 seconds), waking up and starting to record Music. It enables me to connect to my most inner Self. When my Mind is blurry and Decisions are not consciously made.”

“Experimental Music should first of all come from experimental Life. I’m not interested in experimenting with Sound alone.”(RD)

About Raymond Dijkstra:
Raymond Dijkstra is an autodidactic visual Artist, Sculptor and Musician, active since 1987.
He has issued around 120 Titles, mainly as a solo Musician. He has collaborated with Timo van Luijk (In Camera, NWW), Bryan Lewis Saunders, Keith Connolly (NNCK), Edward Ka-spel and others.
More information about him can be read here: http://www.le-souffleur.nl

A1 De Staal I
B1 De Staal II
C1 De Staal III
D1 De Staal IV
E1 De Staal V
F1 De Staal VI


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Raymond Dijkstra ~ De Staal
De Staal 3×10″  Original Artwork by RD Edition of 1.

€ 600,00


Artwork Description:
Wooden Box. Outside Front: Frame, Glass. Collage and Drawing. Mixed Media.
3 Vinyl Records in Hardboard Innercover. The Hardboard Innercover is attached to a wooden Dowel and can be slid out of the wooden Outerbox.
Signed, dated, numbered by RD

More Pictures and Soundfiles follow