Original Artwork by Raymond Dijkstra / Louise Landes Levi
Numbered edition of 25 ex.
Date of Release: 8 september 2019

Photo Louise Landes Levi: R.Dijkstra. Photo Raymond Dijkstra: Jolande Des Bouvrie. Collage: Max Unernst

Spoken Word and Mellotron / Pianoharp by Raymond Dijkstra and Louise Landes Levi, Somewhere in 2019, Somewhere. Text: Henri Michaux.

Louise Landes Levi is a poet/performer-translator/traveler and a founding member of Daniel Moore’s Floating Lotus Magic Opera Company, America’s first fusion orchestra. After receiving a BA, with Honors, from UC-Berkeley, and studying at Mills College with the sarangi-master Pandit Ram Narayan, she traveled alone overland to Afghanistan in the late 1960s and to India, via Istanbul, Tabriz, Mashed, Herat, Khandahar, Kabul, Peshawar, Rawalpundi and Lahore, to research North Indian sangeet (classical music) and its poetic tradition. Several translations followed: Rene Daumal’s classic study of Indian Aesthetics, RASA (New Directions, 1982); from the Middle Hindi of Mira Bai, an archetypal singer-saint of the 16th century, Sweet On My Lips: The Love Poems of Mira Bai (Cool Grove Press, 1997, 2003 & 2016); and Henri Michaux’s Toward Totality: Selected Poems (Shivastan, 2006). She has published more than a dozen books of poetry and autobiographical prose, including most recently: Love Cantos, 1-5 (Jack In Your Box, 2011); The Book L (Cool Grove Press, 2010); Tower 2/Tara or dc-x (Il Bagatto, 2009); Banana Baby, with facing Italian translations by Alessandro Tuoni (Super Nova, 2006); and Avenue A & Ninth Street (Shivastan, 2004). Her electronic chapbooks may be found at the website Big Bridge. Her recordings include most recently: From the Ming Oracle (Sloowax, 2014), an instrumental and spoken word compilation of her works from the late sixties to the near present; City of Delirium (Sloow Tapes, 2011); Colloidal Love Poem (AudioMER.); Poetry Reading (Des Astres d’Or, 2018); Bombay Lunatic Asylum (Des Astres d’Or 2018). John Giorno writes: “Her poems sing in the mind and dance through the heart and throat, and arms & legs, w. great clarity and bliss. Louise is Saranswati, goddess of poetry.” Levi has studied with such masters as Annapurna Devi, Ali Akbar Khan & La Monte Young. When not performing, she lives in a stone tower in Bagnore, Italy, with winter quarters in New York, her birthplace, and elsewhere.

Raymond Dijkstra is a musician/visual artist. Founding member of Asra, La Poupée Vivante (with Timo van Luijk), Wendingen 1918 (with Bart de Paepe). He has collaborated with Frédérique Bruyas, Jon Mueller, The New Blockaders, Keith Connolly (NNCK), Dave Nuss (NNCK). RD is an autodidact who believes strongly art should be derived from worldly experiences and can’t be learned at school. The basis of the art lies in non knowledge, from which roads are chosen. Teachings came from life, loneliness, alienation, drug-experiences, self-exploration, dreams… Dijkstra has a discography of approximately 150 titles, mostly self-published, in a DIY way of exploring life. “An artist should be independent- from the making of art to the freeing of the work to the public.” The vinyl-records of this publication are hand-cut by RD himself. The works are distributed through his imprint Des Astres d’Or.

Henri Michaux (Namur 1899 – Paris 1984)
The French writer, painter and graphic artist Henri Michaux was born in the Belgian town of Namur in 1899 and spent his childhood in Brussels. He wanted to become a priest, but followed his father’s wish and began to study medicine in 1919, but soon abandoned this plan and signed on as a seaman.
After reading works by Lautréamont he began writing in 1922. His acquaintance with Paul Klee, Max Ernst and Giorgio de Chirico, whom he met in Paris in 1925, inspired him to first painting and drawing attempts. Between 1927 and 1937 he travelled through South America and Asia. Afterwards Michaux sketched and painted his Phantomisms.
He had his first exhibitions in Parisian galleries, followed by important shows abroad. In the mid 1950s Michaux began experimenting with hallucinatory drugs, particularly with mescaline, letting his experiences inspire his writing, painting and drawing. These works were first exhibited in 1956 at the Galerie La Hune in Paris. Then there was a large exhibition at the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels in December 1957 and a retrospective exhibition organised by Daniel Cordier in Frankfurt/Main in March 1959.
His ink drawings evoke scriptural elements and calligraphic symbols which are a seismographic reflection of the artist’s inner emotions. The two systems of word-language and sign-language pervade each other. Henri Michaux’s impressive oeuvre attracted much international recognition. He exhibited works at the “documenta” in Kassel in 1959 and 1964; he was awarded the Einaudi-Prize at the Biennale in Venice in 1960.
Henri Michaux’s paintings always remained figurative, in-spite of all tendency towards abstraction. The artist’s intention was not to flee from the world, but to expand the world by changing the awareness. The real world was to be enhanced by additional levels of perception.
Henri Michaux died in Paris in 1984 at the age of 85.


On the street of Death,
My mother met a great ice field;
She wanted to speak,
It was already late,
A great cotton ice field.

She looked at us my brother and I,
And then she cried,

We told her — a truly absurd lie —
  that we understood.
And then she smiled the very gracious smile,
  of a young girl,
That was truly herself,
Such a lovely smile, almost coy;
And was taken into the Opaque.


Peace in the nerves of a sick heart.
Steady peace ripens its law,
sucked into life,
into a nebulous life, into life…
but heavy the chariot, heavy, heavy.

Calm then,
Send wind to them,
the warm wind of delicate mouths,
the warm wind of sovereign deserts.

“And, now…CLOSE
  your corollas of anguish!”




  I heard the crowd of the spanked speaking of pride, says the
Master of Ho. And I did not laugh.
  New laws have been prepared. New laws have come. The laws
accumulate says the Master of Ho. But it is still the edict of the old
dwarf, scattered leaves of an already uprooted tree.
  Calm, says the Master.
  Calm and worry. These are the peregrinations of the doe and
the panther until finally they meet. O moment! O extraordinary
moment! and everything becomes so simple, so simple.

  Calm, says the Master of Ho.


Labyrinth, life, labyrinth, death
Labyrinth without end, says the Master of Ho.

Everything buries, nothing frees,
The one who suicides is reborn to a new suffering.

The prison opens onto a prison.
The corridor opens another corridor:

He who believes he unwinds the thread of his life
Unwinds nothing at all.

Nothing leads nowhere,
The centuries also live underground, says the Master of Ho.


Everything falls, says the Master of Ho. Everything falls, alreadyyou wander in the ruins of tomorrow.  
The man who talks to you is Sphinx. The man who you were,the father that you had, was Sphinx. And then,
what did you understand of the Sphinx who made you submit?
  He who does not dissolve the one who comes to him, a Sphinx,grows there and it is from this Sphinx that one dies.

  Everything hardens, says the Master of Ho, everything hardensand returns to the skull. The incomplete gesture, the faltering ofthe heart, the remark that strikes the ear is him, it is he himself, notunderstood, who will wound you and who, in time, will obstructyou, endlessly, with hard rocks.

  Everything sediments. Everything turns into stone, says theMaster of Ho. From the lip to the stone, from the ray to the ruin.


  He whose destiny it is to die must be born. Alas, a thousand
times alas for the births, says the Master of Ho. It is an enlacing
which is an interlacing.
  One loses in gaining. One retreats in approaching. The girl with
the tight yoni, however great her heart, has a fault.
Many fine things have them.

  Take from me the scholar, says the Master of Ho. The coffin of
knowing has limited his thought. O! Liberty says the Master. Take
from me he who sits down to think.
  Speak first. Speak and you will not be ignorant. First attain, and
then you will approach.
  Everything flows, says the Master of Ho. Everything overflows.
Everything is there.

  A look with the wings of a dragonfly poses itself on the loved
one and rhymes the World without the knowledge of he who must
sing of it.


Unhappiness whistled to his little ones and designated me.
  “It’s him, he said to them, don’t leave him alone anymore.”
And they no longer left me alone.

Unhappiness whistled to his little ones,
  “It’s him, he said to them, don’t leave him alone anymore.”
They have no longer left me alone.


But You, when will you come?
One day, stretching out Your hand
In the quarter where I live,
in the mature moment when I truly despair;
in a second of thunder,
uprooting me with terror and sovereignty,
from my body and from the scabbed body,
from my thoughts-images, ridiculous universe;
leaving in me Your horrible probe,
the dreadful drill of Your presence,
raising itself up in an instant on my diarrhea
Your great and insurmountable cathedral,
projecting me not like a man
but like a mortar shell in the vertical path

You will come, if you exist,
attracted by my waste,
my odious autonomy.
Coming from Ether, from it doesn’t matter where, from beneath
  my overwhelmed self, perhaps;
throwing my match in Your immeasurableness,
and goodbye, Michaux.

And then, what?
Never? No?
Say, Great fortune, where then do you wish to fall?

“The World Is Not Yet Round”
“In The Face Of Faceless Eye”

Raymond Dijkstra & Louise Landes Levi ~ In The Face Of Faceless Eye
LP Original Photo-collage Prints, Mixed Media120 euro ex. postage

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Artwork Description: Photo-collages by Raymond Dijkstra


Leather and Paper Collage by Raymond Dijkstra.
Signed by Raymond Dijkstra
Numbered edition of 10 ex.
Date of Release: June 16, 2019

Between 2008 and 2016, I’ve worked on a Series called Catalogue du Bruit / Musique Irritante, which was published in the same period on 3″ and 5″ vinyl records on my own imprint Le Souffleur.

The Music was an Attempt to break through certain Types of Self-Confinement, by repetitive Behavior.

As a Child I’ve suffered from Tics and compulsive Behavior, like blinking with my Eyes, making Sounds with Throat and Face Contortions. I also had to repeat certain Kind of Actions- when I had locked the Door, I had to repeat the same Action 3 or 4 Times. It was sometimes very tiring, because I couldn’t stop. I got a Kind of Satisfaction from doing it after a certain prolonged Period, at the same Time it was far from satisfying. Because my Parents and even my Schoolteacher acted as if I did something terribly wrong, I also felt guilty by doing it. This Behavior got less during Adolescence and almost completely left me when I was around 16, although a certain Level of Compulsion has always Kind of stayed with me.

Because of my History with Tourette, I found out that making Music in a repetitive Manner eased my Senses, by forgetting the Self. There was a certain Level of Compulsion in it as well, which was warmly familiar.

I see the Music as Expressionist Music. More than Musique Brut. I’ve made the Music to come to my Self and also always as a Way to connect with a different Level of / in Reality. In that Perspective it has been my personal Connection to Surrealism. The Sounds are not simply Sounds for the Sake of making Sounds. Or experimenting with Sound. Far from, even. I’ve never been interested in making experimental Music. The Sounds were solely a logical Outcome of my personal Preferences and Taste. Much more important is the emotional Load of the Sounds, transferred by the Movements of my Body. The Sounds were not created by my Head (Logic) or Feeling. It wasn’t a conscious Attempt to making Music / Sound before or during the Making of the Sound. In Fact it was made with an entirely empty Head and Mind, allowing my Body to move in the most possible free Way, without wanting to gain any Control over it, basically a Form of Automatic Writing, connecting a direct Link with my Subconsciousness. Body-Spasms as a Way to express. But always within the Confinement of a limited Time-Frame (1 to 2,5 minutes- with Clockalarm) and a relatively narrow Pallet of Sounds- my German Harmonium, A table of Glass and another frictional Object. These three Elements were always the Same, because these Elements allowed me to connect with my Self and lead to ease the Mind. The Music was made at once, spontaneously, without After-editing or any use of Electronics.

Between 2008 and 2016 a Series of 58 tiny Vinyl Records were produced on 3 Inch Format and 5 Inch Format. They were published together with my own handmade Collages on self-made hardcover Boxes in mostly black Linen. An Exception was the Work ‘De Slaap’ which was covered in dried Fishskin. All Titles were published in limited Editions between 1 and 10 Copies. This is the first Time these Noise Miniatures of 1 to 2,5 minutes will be published together on one LP. This LP contains the first Ten Titles from the entire Series with new original Artwork.

“My music is made in an abstract process of self-detachment. While detaching myself from myself, I connect with my Self. My expressionistic music should be regarded more as a physical act, more than music. It’s a constant training in opening up my mind, removing obstacles with violence, and seeing a different reality through the debris.” “The final result is a pile of fragments, but I guess something of the initial light still shimmers through.” “The publication is simply a registration of a physical event, and should be left untouched. Any changing of the initial energy is a weakening.”

Links to the original Works on Le Souffleur:

De Zee (The Sea) (2008)(5 inch record)(box) (Le Souffleur)(NL)
More Information here
De Luis (The Louse) (2008) (5 inch record)(box) (Le Souffleur)(NL)
More Information here
De Droom (The Dream) (2008) (5 inch record)(box) (Le Souffleur)(NL)
More Information here
De Herinnering (The Memory) (2008) (5 inch record) (box)(Le Souffleur)(NL)
More Information here
De Zon (The Sun) (2008) (5 inch record)(box) (Le Souffleur)(NL)
More Information here
De Wil (The Will) (2008) (5 inch record)(box) (Le Souffleur)(NL)
More Information here
De Tegel (The Tile) (2008) (5 inch record)(box) (Le Souffleur)(NL)
More Information here
De Slaap (The Sleep) (2008) (3 inch record)(box) (Le Souffleur)(NL)
More Information here
De Varen (The Fern) (2008) (3 inch record)(box) (Le Souffleur)(NL)
More Information here
De Vijl (The File Tool) (2008) (3 inch record)(box) (Le Souffleur)(NL)
More Information here
De Luis A Side
De Luis B Side Excerpt
De Droom A Side excerpt
De Droom B Side Excerpt
De Zon B Side Excerpt
De Herinnering A Side Excerpt
De Herinnering B Side Excerpt
De Slaap A Side
De Tegel A Side Excerpt
De Wil A Side
De Wil B Side Excerpt
De Zon A Side Excerpt

Raymond Dijkstra ~ Musique Irritante
LP Original Artwork Raymond Dijkstra60 euro ex. postage

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Artwork Description: Cut’ and glued Strips of Leather and Paper on Cardboard LP Cover

01/10 Front
01/10 Back


Original Photography by B de Paepe. Original Handwriting and Drawings by R Dijkstra
Numbered edition of 40 ex.
Date of Release: June 2, 2019

Wendingen 1918: Raymond Dijkstra, Bart de Paepe, Frédérique Bruyas

Face A:
1 Part I
2 Part II

Face B:
1 Part III
2 Part IV

“I often wander in huge empty Buildings. I realize I once squatted this Building and lived in it for a while, but I completely forgot about it. Now I’m here, the Rooms are a bit filthy and covered with Dust. The same Dust there was when I first came here. There’s still the old Machines from the previous Factory and the Content of their Storage, abandoned. Months later, after having forgotten about my Home again, I return and realize it’s been evicted. I feel a bit sad I no longer have this House as my Home.

Another Day… I’m in my other House… Here also, there’s a Part which I’d forgotten about. I hadn’t been there for at least Months… I walk Downstairs and come in a kind of small, rectangular Hallway. It’s a very pleasant Place. But behind a Door, there’s a Neighbor who I despise.

Quite recently I was living with my Parents. I walked Upstairs and saw a Room which was vaguely familiar. It was full with beautiful Plants, which my Mother was taking Care off. I went further Upstairs and came to a very large Space. About as large as a huge Factory-hall and it even looked like one. It was clear the Factory-hall hadn’t been visited often by People for Ages. Dusty, flaked off Lime Plaster, Concrete Floors and almost entirely empty, apart from a very few Objects, among which was a strange but nice looking small red Couch from the 18th Century. The Couch had a Pluche Fabric and in the Middle it had a Swivel-chair. Because of this, the surrounding Couch functioned more like a Table. The Factory-hall was fully to my Liking and I took up the Plan to live here from now on, instead of living in my small Room at the Groundfloor… Walking through the Hall, it became more and more spacious… I saw new Parts, equally messy and abandoned. Above, there was a gigantic Attic, which I’d been visiting once, in a Dream. It was the Attic of my Grandmother. We (I was apparently in the Company of my Father and a Group of Acquaintances who I barely knew) were able to climb up a rickety Ladder and entered the Attic, where it was even more dusty and entirely empty. It had a wooden Floor, with Sections where one could easily crash through and other Parts where there wasn’t even a Floor at all. I remembered the spooky Atmosphere from the previous Time I’d been here and felt also now, how the Room was filled with a unnerving Type of old Fear. Someone said, a little Child was once hung here, on her arms and legs- and died.”

Wendingen 1918 ~ La Décorporisation De La Réalité
LP Original Photo Prints Wendingen 191860 euro ex. postage

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Artwork Description: Photography by Bart de Paepe. Handwriting and Drawings in Goldmarker by Raymond Dijkstra. Black LP Cover.


More Pictures follow



Original Artwork by Raymond Dijkstra
Numbered, dated, signed edition of 40 ex.
Date of Release: 18 March 2019

Reïssue of Raymond Dijkstra ~ Affen-theater (Le Souffleur, 2005) with original Artwork

Affen-Theater is an early Le Souffleur Period RD Work from 2005, opening a new Artistic Direction in the Œuvre of RD, with a high Focus on an expressionist Style of Playing Harmonium, experimental frotting and scratching of Glass Surfaces with different Materials, sometimes combined with manual Tape Manipulation and rudimentary Delay Effects. The Key Element in these expressionist Works (starting with Affen-Theater and involving 73 published Titles between 2005-2017) is an Approach very close to Surrealist Automatism, giving free Reign to the Unconscious of the Artist.

“My music is made in an abstract process of self-detachment. While detaching myself from myself, I connect with my Self. My expressionistic music should be regarded more as a physical act, more than music. It’s a constant training in opening up my mind, removing obstacles with violence, and seeing a different reality through the debris.” “The final result is a pile of fragments, but I guess something of the initial light still shimmers through.” “The publication is simply a registration of a physical event, and should be left untouched. Any changing of the initial energy is a weakening.” (RD)

Side A   Affen-theater20:00
Side B   Affen-theater08:00
Affen-Theater (Excerpt)
Raymond Dijkstra
Affen-theaterLP Original Artwork by Raymond Dijkstra60 euro ex. postage
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Artwork Description: Charcoal on Brown Paper




10×3″ Vinyl Records in Wooden Box with 10x Wooden Dowels
Original Artwork by AsRA, LA pOUPéE dILETtANTe…
Numbered, dated, signed edition of 1 ex.
Date of Release: 11 February 2019

20x 1 minute Pieces by AsRA, LA pOUPéE dILETtANTe… Recorded in 2001 by Timo van Luijk and Raymond Dijkstra at Kulta Saha & bhaavitaaH bhuutasthaH Studio, Netherlands.

This is the 5th Publication of Timo van Luijk and Raymond Dijkstra’s group Asra, la Poupée Vivante…

Souvenir à Asra, la poupée vivante (2003, Le Souffleur), La poupée vivante (2014, La Scie Dorée), Le Feu (2017, Des Astres d’Or), Souvenir à Asra, la poupée oubliée (Upcoming, April 2019 Des Astres d’Or) were published under changing groupnames (Respectively ‘Asra’ / ‘La poupée vivante’ / ‘Asra la poupée vivante’ / ‘Asra, la poupée oubliée’) and changing groupmember names…

Soundfiles follow.

Artwork follows. Artwork Description: 10 Handmade Collages by TvL and RD

LA pOUPéE dILETtANTe…LP Original Artwork by LA pOUPéE dILETtANTe… 1500 euro

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Original Artwork by Wendingen 1918
Numbered edition of 40 ex.
Date of Release: 22 November 2018

Bart de Paepe
Raymond Dijkstra
Frédérique Bruyas : Voice


“Little by little, the mass turned like a slimy and forceful nausea, a kind of immense influx of vegetable and thundering blood. And the small fibers trembling at the edge of my mental eye, broke off with a vertiginous speed of the tense mass of the wind. And all the space trembled like a sex organ which the globe of the burning sky was battering.”

Raymond Dijkstra is an autodidact Artist from Indonesian / Dutch / English / Belgian / Portuguese descent. He has developed a highly personal acoustic-experimental and expressionist style, using his body as a tool for ‘automatic writing’. His explorations in this area are carefully documented by his own imprint Le Souffleur, especially in the series “Catalogue du Bruit”. Since about 2009 he also started working on a different, more ‘musical’ type of music, hereby incorporating electronic sources and a more eleborate use of effects. Since 2003 he’s been combining most of his limited publications with original exclusive handmade artworks of himself.

Bart de Paepe is a Belgian Musician and Artist who has worked in many diverse directions, leading to an eclectic array of experimental and underground escavations of his innerworld. His solo music is portrayed by a compact electronic, yet psychedelic style. He’s the Art Direcor for the labels Sloow Tapes and Sloowax and has collaborated with Louise Landes Levi, Timo van Luijk and members of Embryo.

Frédérique Bruyas is a Native French Reciter of (mainly) French Literature. Approaching the texts almost as an actor, she’s showcasing her superb sensitivity for atmosphere and her excellent ability to translate written word in spoken word with great respect to the original texts. The texts used on “Tremblaient à la lisière de mon œil mental” are part of L’Ombilic des Limbes by Antonin Artaud, a text written in 1918 during his stay in a mental asylum and published only a decade later.

Wendingen 1918 is dedicated to the Dutch Architectural Magazine ‘Wendingen’ from 1918 and the Work and Life of Antonin Artaud.

Artwork Description:
Cover tied with rope; Innercover with wooden Dowel (Design RD)
Original Artwork by BdP, RD







  Coverdesign & Artwork by RD

  Artwork Bart de Paepe

Face A

Les sous-vêtements de l’irréel

Face B

Tremblaient à la lisière de mon œil mental


Excerpt from ‘Les sous-vêtements de l’irréel’:

Excerpt from ‘Tremblaient à la lisière de mon œil mental’:

Muzikë Muusika
LP Original Artwork by Wendingen 1918

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Photography & Artwork by Raymond Dijkstra.
Signed by the Artist
Edition of 25 ex.
Date of Release: 31 May 2018.

paNa pakShiNaaaM (Play of Birds)

I was in a Bus full with People… The Ceiling of the Bus was from an old victorian House… richely ornamented Stucco which was about to fall down upon us… Outside the Bus there was a Fairground Caroussel and Lots of playful Animals were running around… We were driving… I looked outside and marvelled at the fantastic old Jugendstil Architecture of Madrid… I was discussing this with the Woman next to me… Later we would walk Outside. I was hungry. We were standing in a Queue for a Restaurant. But the Woman with who I was was suddenly gone… Instead, T was standing there. Then, from one Moment to the Other, everyone else was gone, including T. So I went searching for them… I walked through the Parc…

I was in an unknown Building and speaking inaudibly… But for some Reason, everyone outside the Building could hear me… They all looked at me. There was something peculiar with the Window. At first it was on the 1st Floor, later it was on the Groundfloor. First there were Windows on all Sides, but later when it was on the Groundfloor, the Room was disconnected from the House, with People walking near by on the Pavement invading my Privacy…

I was still in a strange City, probably Madrid, in the Queue. A Neighbor passed by and gave a Coin to the Person behind the Counter and ordered a Coffee for me. Close to me there was a Man repairing a huge Clock about 10 Meters above the Ground. There were several giant Gongs but they didn’t make a full Sound because I had hung a Piece of Cloth over it. Suddely I realized I was the Man and looking below at the Ground. It was very high and I didn’t dare to climb down. A Woman was talking to me. She told me: “remember 2014” She was cursing the Year… I realized I had to leave the Past behind and stop dragging it with me. Climbing down suddenly became very easy. More even, I simply had to take one little Step and I was at the Ground. I took off all my Clothes, with the Water so close by for a Swim… There were already some People swimming in the small Pond and it was beautiful and nicely warm Weather… Birds were playing in the Water, playfully chasing eachother and throwing Water at eachother to make other Birds wet…


A paNa pakShiNaaaM (With Mark Alban Lotz)
B Play of Birds  22:09

Music composed by / All instruments by R Dijkstra. Except for Side A: Flutes by Mark Alban Lotz

Recorded, mixed, mastered and cut on Vinyl by Raymond Dijkstra at bhaavitaaH bhuutasthaH Studio, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2018.

Photography by R Dijkstra. Model / Performer: Mir

Raymond Dijkstra: http://www.le-souffleur.nl
Mark Alban Lotz: http://www.lotzofmusic.com/lotz/

Many thanks to Mir and Mark for their superb performances…

For Orders: contact Des Astres d’Or for Invoice including Postage Costs.

Raymond Dijkstra ~ paNa pakShiNaaaM
Last copies
paNa pakShiNaaaM LP  Original Artwork by Raymond Dijkstra

€ 60,00

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Artwork Description:
Each Record comes with 4 Printed Photo’s and a Nature’s Memory…



LP in Hardcover Black Linen Box with Wooden Dowel.
Original Artwork by Raymond Dijkstra & The New Blockaders.
Box Design Raymond Dijkstra
Signed by the Artist
Numbered edition of 25 ex.
Date of Release: 24 June 2018

LP in Softcover Black Normal LP Cover.
Original Artwork by Raymond Dijkstra or The New Blockaders.
Numbered edition of 25 ex.
Date of Release: 24 September 2018

Second Title by RD & TNB

A1 RD & TNB ~ Kunst in Gebreke I


A2 RD & TNB ~ Kunst in Gebreke II


A3 RD & TNB ~ Kunst in Gebreke III


B TNB & RD ~ Kunst in Gebreke IV


Collage Artwork by Raymond Dijkstra & The New Blockaders.
Hardcover Black Linen Box / Wooden Dowel Design by & executed by Raymond Dijkstra

Every Box comes with Artwork of Dijkstra and Rupenus on Front and Back of the Box.

Softcover Edition: Artwork by Raymond Dijkstra or The New Blockaders.

Composed, mixed by Raymond Dijkstra & The New Blockaders

Parts I – III © Dijkstra / Rupenus
Part IV © Rupenus / Dijkstra

Mastered, cut on Vinyl by Raymond Dijkstra

Raymond Dijkstra http://www.le-souffleur.nl

The New Blockaders http://www.thenewblockaders.org.uk/

More Information follows

Raymond Dijkstra & The New Blockaders
Kunst in Gebreke LP in Softcover Black Normal LP Cover. Collage Artwork by RD or TNB 60€

Last copies

Kunst in Gebreke LP in Hardcover Black Linen Box with Wooden Dowel. Collage Artwork by RD & TNB


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Artwork Description:
Hardcover Box in Black Linen with Wooden Dowel: Design Raymond Dijkstra.
With Collages by Raymond Dijkstra and Richard Rupenus





Handmade Artwork by Raymond Dijkstra and Jon Mueller.
Signed by the Artist
Edition of 25 ex.
Date of Release: 22 March 2018.

“While the Momentum arose from Time, we’d been the Filters and had been filtered, in an overall Alchemical Process, Roasting the Salamander.”

“These Pieces are the Result of a long Process which lasted 10 Years or more. I’ve been in Touch with Jon off and on, exchanging Music for each to work on. Working on Tracks and leaving them to rest. On the Surface, nothing much happened. The Music was somewhere filed up, almost forgotten. We didn’t make music together for Years to come. Then early 2018 there was a sudden Breakthrough. The Pieces now published on this LP are the Result from this… I strongly see a great Analogy with certain alchemic and hermetic Processes . In Hermetism there’s the Process of slow cooking. Cooking the content of a Pot, with the Lid on, to preserve it’s full Potency and to build up Power. The Content of the Pot is mixed, transformed, sublimated without anyone seeing it, or being aware of it. The Lid is only taken off when the Content is ready. The same Process was applied to my Collaboration with Jon Mueller, without us being aware… Time had silently transformed and sublimated our Collaboration. Roasting the Salamander, thus transforming the Prima Materia.” (RD)

About Jon Mueller:
Jon Mueller has been a Drummer and Percussionist since 1985. In 1990, he studied Music Theory at Columbia College and took private Drum Lessons from Hal Russell. In 2018, he took private Voice Lessons from La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela. Covering a Variety of Genres and Techniques over the Years, his aim has been to use Drums, Percussion and Sound as a Way to express something felt but not easily defined. Audiences throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, and the United Kingdom have described his Performances as ‘cathartic’, ‘intense,’ and ‘meditative’. Notable solo Performances have taken Place at the Guggenheim Museum, New Museum, SXSW, Alverno Presents, Hopscotch Fest, and Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal.
From 1999 – 2009 he owned the Recording Label and Promotion Company Crouton, which published and promoted over 40 Releases in deluxe Presentations from Artists out of the Avant Garde. Crouton also organized Events in the Milwaukee and Chicago Areas with Artists from around the World. These were documented by the Press and even filmed as Part of a PBS Documentary on Jazz Musician Ken Vandermark.
Mueller has given Talks about Listening and Creativity at Loyola University, Viva! Art Action, Translator Lab, Wesleyan University, and PechaKucha.
He has published two Works of Fiction, Pianobread and Endings, and contributed Non-Fiction Writing to ChangeThis, Pear Noir!, and more.
More Information: Rhythmplex

About Raymond Dijkstra:
Raymond Dijkstra is a Multidisciplinary Artist working in the Fields of Music and Visual Art. His Discography entails over 120 Titles of mostly Vinyl Records. Between 2008-now he has been working on an ungoing Catalogue of 3″ and 5″ Vinyl Records, published by Editions Le Souffleur These miniature Music Pieces of 1 minute (on 3″) and 2,5 minute (on 5″) comprise Music only made with Acoustic Instruments and Acoustic Found or Household Objects, without any use of Audio Effects, thus creating A Musique Brut Type of Music, which Dijkstra likes to designate as Expressionist Music. These Experimental Acoustic Pieces (till this date 58 in total of which some contain up to 3 or 9 Records per Title) form together Raymond Dijkstra’s ‘Catalogue du Bruit’ (Noise Catalogue). Each Title came with Handmade Hardcover Mini Boxes and a Wooden Dowel attached to the Innersleeves; aswell as Handmade Artwork, often including Collage and sometimes Needle and thread, and even a Box with Mackerel Fish Skin (which innerflesh had been previously devoured by Dijkstra and after this was dried for over half a year)  among others. Dijkstra sees Catalogue du Bruit as the Centrework in his œuvre of which all different Branches of his Art and Music grows. His Music ranges from the aforementioned Musique Brut to different Types of Electronic Music. In his Electronic Music he has rarely used normal Synthesizers but prefers to work with 1950’s and 60’s Tube Oscillators and Filters.

Prima Materia


Roasting the Salamander


Prima Materia Excerpt:

Roasting The Salamander Excerpt:

Raymond Dijkstra & Jon Mueller ~ Prima Materia
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Prima Materia
LP  Original Artwork by Raymond Dijkstra & Jon Mueller

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Artwork Description:

Raymond Dijkstra Artwork:
Gatefold Cover of Grey Cardboard with Construktivist and Cubist handdrawn Pencil Lines / Thread and Needle.

Jon Mueller Artwork:
Green/Black Mat Board, Black and Metallic Gold Acrylic Paint, Photo Corners, Pure Essential Oil, Poly Sleeve.
Improvised Symbols on Each Cover were executed using Broom Stick Fibers.

  2/25 (Artwork R Dijkstra)

  4/25 (Artwork R Dijkstra)

  6/25 (Artwork R Dijkstra)

  8/25 (Artwork R Dijkstra)

  10/25 (Artwork R Dijkstra)

  12/25 (Artwork R Dijkstra)

  14/25 (Artwork R Dijkstra)

  20/25 (Artwork R Dijkstra)

  17/25 (Artwork J Mueller)

  21/25 (Artwork J Mueller)

  19/25 (Artwork J Mueller)

  13/25 (Artwork J Mueller)

  23/25 (Artwork J Mueller)

  15/25 (Artwork J Mueller)



Handmade Artwork by Raymond Dijkstra.
Signed by the Artist
Edition of 25 ex.
Date of Release: 10 January 2018.

“These crude Electro-Acoustic Works I made during the Course of 2015 when I was experimenting with some 1950’s electronic Devices I had just acquired. Brüel & Kjaer Tube Filters and Oscillators, Philips discrete Oscillators, a modular solid State Vocoder, Rohde & Schwarz UBM Tube Feedback Filters, Krohn-Hite Tube Filters, EMT 140 Tube Plate Reverbs, AKG BX20 Spring Reverb, Tapedelays, etc. The Music shows the rudimentary electronic Treatments done and the acoustic Sounds recorded and electronically manipulated in real Time, exploring the different Possibilities of the Equipment in an improvisory, searching Manner.” RD

bhaavitaaH bhuutasthaH Studio 2016

Further Reading :

“Distortion as a Self Reflection””


Recorded, mixed, mastered and cut on Vinyl by Raymond Dijkstra at bhaavitaaH bhuutasthaH Studio, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2015.

Raymond Dijkstra: http://www.le-souffleur.nl

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Artwork Description:
Shreds of early 20th Century printed Book Pages glued to Paper
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