10×3″ Vinyl Records in Wooden Box with 10x Wooden Dowels
Original Artwork by AsRA, LA pOUPéE dILETtANTe…
Numbered, dated, signed edition of 1 ex.
Date of Release: 11 February 2019

20x 1 minute Pieces by AsRA, LA pOUPéE dILETtANTe… Recorded in 2001 by Timo van Luijk and Raymond Dijkstra at Kulta Saha & bhaavitaaH bhuutasthaH Studio, Netherlands.

This is the 5th Publication of Timo van Luijk and Raymond Dijkstra’s group Asra, la Poupée Vivante…

Souvenir à Asra, la poupée vivante (2003, Le Souffleur), La poupée vivante (2014, La Scie Dorée), Le Feu (2017, Des Astres d’Or), Souvenir à Asra, la poupée oubliée (Upcoming, April 2019 Des Astres d’Or) were published under changing groupnames (Respectively ‘Asra’ / ‘La poupée vivante’ / ‘Asra la poupée vivante’ / ‘Asra, la poupée oubliée’) and changing groupmember names…

Soundfiles follow.

Artwork follows. Artwork Description: 10 Handmade Collages by TvL and RD

LA pOUPéE dILETtANTe…LP Original Artwork by LA pOUPéE dILETtANTe… 1500 euro

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Handmade Artwork by Asra, La Poupée Vivante.
Signed by the Artist
Edition of 25 ex.
Date of Release: 18 December 2017.


LE FEU (The Fire)

“When I projected upon me, the Image I thought I saw and thus acted accordingly,
I shattered, what I imagined was, a mirrored Image, which in it’s turn, revealed a Projection… upon a Projection… upon a Projection… upon a Projection…”

“From which Illusion my Being is consumed!
In retracing the Image to the Violence of the heavy Wind.” (RD)




A1 Le Feu I
B1 Le Feu II


Raymond Dijkstra: Voice, Strings, Effects
Timo van Luijk: Synths, Effects

Recorded 2014 at Kulta Saha, Heusden-Zolder, Belgium.
Mixed, mastered and cut on vinyl by Raymond Dijkstra at bhaavitaaH bhuutasthaH Studio, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Timo van Luijk:
Raymond Dijkstra:


Le Feu I (excerpt)

Le Feu II (excerpt)


Asra, La Poupée Vivante ~ Le Feu
Sold out
Le Feu LP  Original Artwork by Asra,
La Poupée Vivante




Description: 13 Works by Timo van Luijk;  Ink – Doubleprint Monotype).
12 Works by Raymond Dijkstra; Fire, Paint, Ink, Thread and Needle.

  25/8 (Artwork R Dijkstra)

  25/4 (Artwork R Dijkstra)

  25/2 (Artwork R Dijkstra)

  25/6 (Artwork R Dijkstra)

  25/16 (Artwork R Dijkstra)

  25/10 (Artwork R Dijkstra)

  25/18 (Artwork R Dijkstra)

  25/20 (Artwork R Dijkstra)

 25/12 (Artwork R Dijkstra)

  25/22 (Artwork R Dijkstra

 25/14 (Artwork R Dijkstra)

  25/24 (Artwork R Dijkstra)

  25/1 (Artwork T v Luijk)

  25/3 (Artwork T v Luijk)

  25/5 (Artwork T v Luijk)

  25/7 (Artwork T v Luijk)

  25/9 (Artwork T v Luijk)

  25/11 (Artwork T v Luijk)

  25/13 (Artwork T v Luijk)

  25/15 (Artwork T v Luijk)

  25/17 (Artwork T v Luijk)

  25/19 (Artwork T v Luijk)

  25/21 (Artwork T v Luijk)

  25/23 (Artwork T v Luijk)

  25/25 (Artwork T v Luijk)