Original Artwork by Lauren O’Connor
Numbered edition of 25 ex.
Date of Release: 4 March 2019

Musicworks by Bombay Lunatic Asylum

Bombay Lunatic Asylum:
Louise Landes Levi: Sarangi, Voice
Koen Vandenhoudt: Sarangi, Shruti Box
Bart de Paepe: Indian Harmonium

Produced by Raymond Dijkstra

Artwork is from the highly talented Artist Lauren O’Connor, who has previously collaborated with Louise Landes Levi; handstamped Paperscrolls for ‘Love Cantos 1-5’ (Jack in your Box, 2012) and handstamped booklets for ‘From the Ming Oracle’ (Sloowax, 2014)

An Interview between Lauren O’Connor and Louise Landes Levi

Side A  
Side B  
A Excerpt
B Excerpt
Bombay Lunatic Asylum
LP Original Lauren O’Connor120 euro ex. postage
But may still be availlable at the Artists… Contact Des Astres d’Or for Information.

Artwork Description: Original Artwork. Indian Ink and stamped Forms in red Ink on transparent Ricepaper by Lauren O’Connor

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Inlay Print. Dream Girl, Poem by LLL (2014). Calligraphy & Drawing by Lo’C.