About Des Astres d’Or

Des Astres d’Or (The Golden Disaster) is an Artist run Platform for the Combined Publication of Avant Garde Music and Original Art by the Composer.
Limited edition Vinyl and original Artwork drawing the personal Stamp of the Artist.

Des Astres d’Or believes Art should stay far away from Contemporary Society. That it should live as a Hermit far from People. Or live as a Clochard under the Bridge, as an Outcast of Modern Society. Art should stay far from Modern Society’s Reasonings. Maybe then it has a little Chance to preserve it’s own pure Nature.

De Wending ~ Raymond Dijkstra. Upcoming  5″ Vinyl Release on Des Astres d’Or. Artwork & Box Design by RD.

Des Astres d’Or is issuing Artist Records in very limited Editions only. With original Artwork by the Artist and Hand Cut Vinyl Records. The Vinyl Records are cut on real vinyl with the same quality as a normal pressed record. No inferior lathe cuts…
Des Astres d’Or likes Music to be presented in a very personal Way, far from any Commercialism, but with a strong Emphasis on Music’s original Connection with Art…
Editions range from 1 to 25 Originals.



I’ve always wondered why there are so little original works sold in music. Editions of 1 or in a small series. The focus has always been on commercial releases in commercial numbers. Compare that to the visual arts where the artist sells his original work, and work in small series.
For bigger circulation there is the possibility of posters, books, etc.

Des Astres d’Or issues music in very limited editions, with each vinyl record paired to original artwork by the artist. I personally love the combination of art and music and strongly feel this is the perfect form of issuing music.

Whichever way one looks at it,  when releasing music in a physical form, one is automatically bound to a visual and tactile experience.
This experience mixes with the music contained in this form (CD, etc.). So why neglect the form as if it is not really that important. It will influence the perception of the music nonetheless and therefore it deserves attention of the musician/artist.

I am an advocate of total art. There are many great examples in architecture which I love… Film is perhaps the most perfect form in terms of total art. The artist record is possibly even a greater example of total art, since several different sensory experiences come combined in one artform. Sound, vision, touch, smell and the ‘memory of the material’ all come together in the artist record. In this, the ‘memory of the material’ is one of the greatest ways a musician communicates with his audience. When the artist utilizes material to compile a work of art, it’s mental energy directly transferred to material. The audience can sense this energy consciously or subconsciously by means of sight, touch, smell and other sensory experiences. I strongly feel, all objects are alive and take in energy, memories, from events which happen to them.
The tactile experience is another important element of artist records. For now it goes too far to discuss this in detail here, but I will come back to the subject of artist records and it’s connection to total art in another text.

There is a great difference between music issued in a standardized industrial and commercial form (hence the MP3, CD, LP in commercial volumes) and music issued in a personal form with original art of the musician.
Des Astres d’Or offers artists the possibility to present their music in the most personal way possible.

I always find it strange that only so little musicians care about the physical form wherein their music is presented to the world. Or worse even, those who don’t care seem to lack the sensitivity to even being aware of their blunted perceptibility or lack of awareness. Often, the artwork on the commercially printed cover is even made by another visual artist, which I find even more unsatisfying. There is the universe of the musician. Paired to the universe of the (other) visual artist. I personally see this as an undesirable intrusion of the musician’s universe. As an autonomous musician I will never accept such unwanted intrusion in my world. I see my creative internal world as sacred. It asks for a certain discrimination in order to stay pure. I like to pair my music to my own images.

Des Astres d’Or is not a record label in the classical sense. It acts more as a platform or as you will, as a gallery. Half of the incoming finances go directly to the artist. So by buying the works, you directly support the artist.

In the near future Des Astres d’Or will engage in exhibitions, to actively promote the artists involved and to promote the ‘artist record’ as an autonomous artform. I feel that the artist record has still relatively little recognition in ‘serious art’. But I feel also, this will change.

There is the original and there is the copy.
I don’t look down upon commercial releases. it has it’s worth, for larger distribution and of course for being able to buy music for a lower price. However, Des Astres d’Or will only focus on the issue of original works.

For those who find meaning in the words above, Des Astres d’Or will hopefully become a beautiful place to connect with music in it’s most personal physical form.

Raymond Dijkstra, 15 October 2017.


Our sight is being corrupted on an unimaginable scale. Daily it is drowned and blunted by a flood of the most banal consumerist culture which, aided by television, commercial film and advertising, degrades our visual sensibilities. To force the eyes to ‘stop’, to rest on an object and to enable its comprehension by our visual perceptions, is becoming more difficult with our increasingly superficial powers of observation.

Sight and hearing have been ‘spoiled’ by an audio-visual-heavy society. I think that just the ‘primitivistic’ touch could bring some fresh authenticity to creation.

Jan Švankmajer