Original Artwork by Bart de Paepe
Numbered edition of 40 ex.
Date of Release: 1 October 2018

The Duo of Timo van Luijk & Bart De Paepe, tickling that great Pudarkus in the Sky…


Side A

1. Tyhjyyden Meri

Side B

1. Käärmeenmaidon Aarre





Himmeä Kaihoisa Sininen LP Original Artwork by Bart de Paepe

€ 60,00

ex postage


Artwork Description: Follows


Original Artwork by The Bohman Brothers
Numbered edition of 25 ex.
Date of Release: 10 August 2018

The Bohman Brothers are the creators of a unique and impure experimental music. Traces of Fluxus japery, musique concrete, sound poetry and free improvisation can be detected, yet ultimately the whole is greater and more arcane than the sum of it’s parts.

As a performing duo Adam and Jonathan Bohman have been operative since 1996(Adam Bohman is also a member of Morphogenesis and The London Improvisors Orchestra).Their sound art oscillates between states of the absurd and (sonically)grotesque to highly articulate explorations of extra-musical sound. One can hear various traces of out-noise lurking in the undergrowth of their 2002 debut album ` A Twist For All Pockets’ (Rossbin).
Electroacoustic music and free-improvisation could be regarded as co-ordinates on the grid. However,unlike the hermeticism of electro-acoustic music or the purism of free-improvisation, the Bohman’s freely quote from any source and aren’t afraid to show it. So you get Varesesian sound montage supporting spoken word material sourced from a pub menu, or frenetic juxtapositions between amplified shoe brushes and a frenzied tape cut-up of 17 th Century instruments. The Bohman aesthetic can be a dense and tangled thing to unpick and describe. Various and nefarious sounds and artistic influences merge and collide. Pinning it all down seem’s a bit reductive and, given the multiplicity and elusiveness of the Bohman genes, quite tough.Indeed, The Wire’s usually ebullient Ben Watson feel’s the same way but nonetheless makes a stab at it.

“It’s hard to describe the raw, explosive audio art they perpetrate.Everyday objects and sounds are worked on until they become saturated with lurid suggestion, resulting in a bizarre, hysterical immediacy. The convulsive beauty bears comparison to both composers Helmut Lachemann and James Dillon and to sound terrorisers Bark! and Furt. Nevertheless, in the traditions of the Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, the Bohman Brothers kitchen-sink realism laughs at the grand claims of lofty art.They will show you fear in a sponge from a drainer.”Ben Watson, The Wire Magazine, March 2002.

Not only do they show you `fear in a sponge’, they’ll more than likely play the sponge jacked-up through a crusty amp-combo. The use of amplified and unamplified objects is a distinctive feature of their work and it’s a pleasing coincidence that their Grandparents were antiques dealers, since the Bohman Brothers live set-up often resembles a hard-wired flea market.

The visual aspect, therefore, is also a strong, deliberated feature, alongside a pervading sense of the comedic. This is most evident in their deployment of spoken word material. Ridiculous advertising spiel and found texts are the sources for accompanied/unaccompanied speech, it’s a tactic that play’s on their duality, as the Brothers bounce-off or collide with each other. Reciting in blurred simultaneity, or wragged call and response.

The Bohman Brothers are also active in the support of other peoples music and other media. They have for two years run one of the handful of London’s experimental music clubs at The Bonnington Center, in Vauxhall south London. On the top storey of a Victorian terraced house, within earshot of the Spooks at the MI6 headquarters, The Bohman Brothers have curated over 80 shows featuring an international line-up of experimental music makers, freaks, free-improvisors and filmakers.

The Bohman Brothers themselves perform live frequently throughout the U.K and Europe. They also sometimes perform in a collaborative context and this has been cemented by the formation of a regular expanded unit, The Bohman Brothers Extended Family.

More on The Bohman Brothers: Tate Gallery

Side A

1. Coffee and Introductions
2. Drawn from Memory
3. Mysteries of the
4. Citaglia
5. End the eguine
6. Benzol Nighthouse
7. Zoolater
8. The Mèè Generation
9. Down to the Tastebuds
10. Nephelauxesis
11. Runnymede and Ribs
12. Icke O Icke O Année
13. Scammonium
14. Comb Martin
15. Boredness Be My Friend
16. Spelthorne Blues

Side B

1. Upper Case
2. Stavesacre
3. Aleateric Means Aleateric
4. Mackerelle
5. N_Nuit
6. Cenophelle
7. Axillary Theatre
8. The Satin Affirmative
9. Yawaekat Ronitae
10. Walnut Symbolism
11. Probsthain
12. Tinto trings
13. (…)(NB Des Astres d’Or – every last Track has a different Title for each different Record )


Recorded March & April 2018 in Chertsey, England
Edited and Mastered by Richard Thomas

(Photo on top of this page by Fabio Lugaro)




Library Music
LP Original Artwork by The Bohman Brothers

€ 60,00

ex postage


Artwork Description: Screenprint. Squares on old LP Covers
















Original Artwork by Louise Landes Levi
Signed by Louise Landes Levi
Numbered edition of 25 ex.
Date of Release: 15 August 2018

This is the first out of a Series of beautiful Records by Louise Landes Levi on Des Astres d’Or  (& the first Spoken Word Recordings ever by Louise Landes Levi), all consisting of LLL reading her own dreamy Poetry… Spoken Word with Interludes of LLL playing Gong & Flute and singing / chanting. The record contains half music, half spoken word. A must have for every person who loves highly personal and intimate estranging atmospheres… The voice of LLL is soft, the content is sometimes confronting and draws the listener into it’s psychotropic spheres…

Louise Landes Levi is a poet/performer/traveler and a founding member of Daniel Moore’s Floating Lotus Magic Opera Company, America’s first fusion orchestra. After receiving a BA, with Honors, from UC-Berkeley, and studying at Mills College with the sarangi-master Pandit Ram Narayan, she traveled alone overland to Afghanistan in the late 1960s and to India, via Istanbul, Tabriz, Mashed, Herat, Khandahar, Kabul, Peshawar, Rawalpundi and Lahore, to research North Indian sangeet (classical music) and its poetic tradition. She has published more than a dozen books of poetry and autobiographical prose, including most recently: Love Cantos, 1-5 (Jack In Your Box, 2011); The Book L (Cool Grove Press, 2010); Tower 2/Tara or dc-x (Il Bagatto, 2009); Banana Baby, with facing Italian translations by Alessandro Tuoni (Super Nova, 2006); and Avenue A & Ninth Street (Shivastan, 2004). Her recordings include most recently: From the Ming Oracle (Sloowax, 2014), an instrumental and spoken word compilation of her works from the late sixties to the near present; City of Delirium (Sloow Tapes, 2011); and Ikuru Or The Wanderer (with Bart De Paepe and Timo van Luijk)(Oaken Palace, 2018). John Giorno writes: “Her poems sing in the mind and dance through the heart and throat, and arms & legs, w. great clarity and bliss. Louise is Saraswati, goddess of poetry.” Levi has studied with such masters as Annapurna Devi, Ali Akbar Khan & La Monte Young. When not performing, she lives in a stone tower in Bagnore, Italy, with winter quarters in New York, her birthplace, and elsewhere.

More about Louise Landes Levi: ‘Crazy Louise’




Side A Poetry Reading & Music by Louise Landes Levi
Side B Poetry Reading & Music by Louise Landes Levi

Poetry Reading by Louise Landes Levi
Gong, Flute, Chanting by Louise Landes Levi
Recording, Editing & Production by Raymond Dijkstra

Recorded at bhaavitaaH bhuutasthaH Studio Amsterdam, 22-26 Juli 2018



Poetry Reading I
LP Original Artwork by LLL

€ 60,00

ex postage


Artwork Description: Calligraphy on Cardboard wrapped in Indian Ricepaper and natural cord. Printed photo (stone tower in Bagnore, Italy). Booklet with Texts

Artwork by LLL




Original Artwork by Philip Knight
Signed by Philip Knight
Numbered edition of 40 ex.
Date of Release: 15 July 2018

The Legendary Pink Dots project 8118 consists of two side-long pieces by founding members Edward Ka-Spel and Philip Knight,based around the theme – “Reflection”.

The 81 side: “Reflections in Pink” begins with unreleased LPD recordings made during sessions (1981 into 1982) for “Surprise Surprise”…..and concludes with Premonition 10’s
harmonium improvisation.

The 18 side: Also released for the first time, “Fragments of Blue” (2018) is a slow movement of unfolding tones, pneumatic wheezing and disembodied voice.

Each LP has it’s own unique front cover artwork, designed by Philip Knight from original photography by Astrid Mutsaars. Included also is an insert, and each LP copy comes signed and numbered.

As a footnote – it’s 37 years since the Premonition 10 harmonium improvisation was recorded above a car parts shop in Walthamstow, London E.17, and neither Edward or I can remember anymore who played the percussion parts – our best guess is that it was bass player Roland Callaway.
Sadly the “big beast” harmonium never made the LPD move to the Netherlands in the late-80’s – it found instead a new home at Hamster Records.


LPD Homepage

Astrid Mutsaars Homepage



Side 81 Reflections In Pink


Side 18 Fragments In Blue


All Music by The Legendary Pink Dots




Sold out at Des Astres d’Or, but still available at The Legendary Pink Dots


LPD ~ 8118
LP  Original Artwork by Philip Knight

€ 100,00

ex postage


Artwork Description:

Designs by Philip Knight from original Photography by Astrid Mutsaars.



  Backside of each Cover with Signature and Numbering by Philip Knight





















Photography & Artwork by Mark Rietveld.
Edition of 25 ex.
Date of Release: 14 July 2018.

For over 10 years, Bart De Paepe has sated the appetites of psychedelic searchers with his label Sloow Tapes. A peerless curator, De Paepe has unleashed crucial underground transmissions ranging from paint-peeling Japanese rock over bedroom poetry readings to laid-back cosmic Euro-prog in microscopic editions.

‘Verdronken Land’ was partly inspired by the drowned land of Saefthinge, the mythology of the elusive goddess Nehalennia, local history and nightly travels through the empty surroundings of the polder region. It’s lysergic texture channels early Tangerine Dream, K(C)luster, Taj Mahal Travellers and other space explorers into nebulous clouds leaving behind vague smoke patterns and faded shadows.

Bart De Paepe Homepage


Mark Rietveld is a Dutch photographer (Bergen Op Zoom (NL) august 1969) currently residing in Antwerp, Belgium. His interests lie in the field of street photography,  portraits, events and the subcultural life in Antwerp. His work has been published in international newspapers, magazines and on several vinyl / CD publications.


A1 Geesten van Spinola


A2 Rost Zand


A3 Nehalennia


B1 Trillende Zon van Ether


B2 Zwarte Ruiter


B3 Buizerd over de Koningsdijk


B4 De Leegte




All Music by Bart De Paepe





Bart De Paepe ~ Verdronken Land
Verdronken Land
LP  Original Artwork by Mark Rietveld

€ 60,00

ex postage

Artwork Description:
Analogue photography by Mark Rietveld, printed on baryte paper. Hand stamped info sheet on lokta paper.















(Backside of each Cover)


Photography & Artwork by Raymond Dijkstra.
Signed by the Artist
Edition of 25 ex.
Date of Release: 31 May 2018.

paNa pakShiNaaaM (Play of Birds)

I was in a Bus full with People… The Ceiling of the Bus was from an old victorian House… richely ornamented Stucco which was about to fall down upon us… Outside the Bus there was a Fairground Caroussel and Lots of playful Animals were running around… We were driving… I looked outside and marvelled at the fantastic old Jugendstil Architecture of Madrid… I was discussing this with the Woman next to me… Later we would walk Outside. I was hungry. We were standing in a Queue for a Restaurant. But the Woman with who I was was suddenly gone… Instead, T was standing there. Then, from one Moment to the Other, everyone else was gone, including T. So I went searching for them… I walked through the Parc…

I was in an unknown Building and speaking inaudibly… But for some Reason, everyone outside the Building could hear me… They all looked at me. There was something peculiar with the Window. At first it was on the 1st Floor, later it was on the Groundfloor. First there were Windows on all Sides, but later when it was on the Groundfloor, the Room was disconnected from the House, with People walking near by on the Pavement invading my Privacy…

I was still in a strange City, probably Madrid, in the Queue. A Neighbor passed by and gave a Coin to the Person behind the Counter and ordered a Coffee for me. Close to me there was a Man repairing a huge Clock about 10 Meters above the Ground. There were several giant Gongs but they didn’t make a full Sound because I had hung a Piece of Cloth over it. Suddely I realized I was the Man and looking below at the Ground. It was very high and I didn’t dare to climb down. A Woman was talking to me. She told me: “remember 2014” She was cursing the Year… I realized I had to leave the Past behind and stop dragging it with me. Climbing down suddenly became very easy. More even, I simply had to take one little Step and I was at the Ground. I took off all my Clothes, with the Water so close by for a Swim… There were already some People swimming in the small Pond and it was beautiful and nicely warm Weather… Birds were playing in the Water, playfully chasing eachother and throwing Water at eachother to make other Birds wet…



A paNa pakShiNaaaM (With Mark Alban Lotz)
B Play of Birds  22:09

Music composed by / All instruments by R Dijkstra. Except for Side A: Flutes by Mark Alban Lotz

Recorded, mixed, mastered and cut on Vinyl by Raymond Dijkstra at bhaavitaaH bhuutasthaH Studio, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 2018.

Photography by R Dijkstra. Model / Performer: Mir

Raymond Dijkstra:
Mark Alban Lotz:

Many thanks to Mir and Mark for their superb performances…



For Orders: contact Des Astres d’Or for Invoice including Postage Costs.

Raymond Dijkstra ~ paNa pakShiNaaaM
paNa pakShiNaaaM LP  Original Artwork by Raymond Dijkstra

€ 60,00

ex postage



Artwork Description:
Each Record comes with 4 Printed Photo’s and a Nature’s Memory…






LP in Hardcover Black Linen Box with Wooden Dowel.
Original Artwork by Raymond Dijkstra & The New Blockaders.
Box Design Raymond Dijkstra
Signed by the Artist
Numbered edition of 25 ex.
Date of Release: 24 June 2018

LP in Softcover Black Normal LP Cover.
Original Artwork by Raymond Dijkstra or The New Blockaders.
Numbered edition of 25 ex.
Date of Release: 24 September 2018

Second Title by RD & TNB


A1 RD & TNB ~ Kunst in Gebreke I


A2 RD & TNB ~ Kunst in Gebreke II


A3 RD & TNB ~ Kunst in Gebreke III


B TNB & RD ~ Kunst in Gebreke IV



Collage Artwork by Raymond Dijkstra & The New Blockaders.
Hardcover Black Linen Box / Wooden Dowel Design by & executed by Raymond Dijkstra

Every Box comes with Artwork of Dijkstra and Rupenus on Front and Back of the Box.

Softcover Edition: Artwork by Raymond Dijkstra or The New Blockaders.

Composed, mixed by Raymond Dijkstra & The New Blockaders

Parts I – III © Dijkstra / Rupenus
Part IV © Rupenus / Dijkstra

Mastered, cut on Vinyl by Raymond Dijkstra


Raymond Dijkstra

The New Blockaders

More Information follows



Raymond Dijkstra & The New Blockaders
Kunst in Gebreke LP in Softcover Black Normal LP Cover. Collage Artwork by RD or TNB 60€
Kunst in Gebreke LP in Hardcover Black Linen Box with Wooden Dowel. Collage Artwork by RD & TNB



Artwork Description:
Hardcover Box in Black Linen with Wooden Dowel: Design Raymond Dijkstra.
With Collages by Raymond Dijkstra and Richard Rupenus










Original Artwork by Edward Ka-spel.
Signed by the Artist
Numbered edition of 25 ex.
Date of Release: 16 April 2018

Edward Ka-spel… a Shiny Black Cluster of Spinning Stars, orbiting the Planet called LPD…



A As Above So Below  19:32
B Whisper My Name _ Villa 9  14:26


Edward Ka-spel: The Legendary Pink Dots Website


Sold Out
(May still be available directly at the Artist. Contact Des Astres d’Or for Information)


Artwork Description:
Computer Designs printed on Paper by EK
















Original Artwork by Limpe Fuchs.
Numbered edition of 25 ex.
Date of Release: 8 March 2018

Music: “Walker Street 55”
Live Recording at Blank Forms, hosted by Artists Space, New York City
12 October 2017
Recording Gus Callaham

Mixed Media

Limpe Fuchs is a Musician and visual Artist active for over 50 Years.
She’s been Part of the legendary Avant Garde / Krautrock group Anima Sound / Anima with her then husband Paul Fuchs. Limpe Fuchs is currently still very active in giving concerts and in making her own instruments which she uses in her concerts. She’s been creating visual artworks for many years, but she has only very rarely came into public with this work.

Read an Interview with Limpe Fuchs by Brandon Hocura: Polyphasic Recordings

Documentary of Anima Sound: Play Loud

A Walker Street 55, Part I
B Walker Street 55, Part II


Walker Street 55 Part I Excerpt

Walker Street 55 Part II Excerpt


Limpe Fuchs ~Walker Street 55
Walker Street 55 LP  Original Artwork by
Limpe Fuchs

Sold Out

(May still be available directly at the Artist. Contact Des Astres d’Or for Information)


Artwork Description: A free bricollage made by Limpe Fuchs, of hand drawings and cut out historical material. Among others, original posters of 1966 Anima Sound Live performances from the archive of Limpe Fuchs. Each cover contains handpainting on the back of the covers (not shown here)




Handmade Artwork by Raymond Dijkstra and Jon Mueller.
Signed by the Artist
Edition of 25 ex.
Date of Release: 22 March 2018.

“While the Momentum arose from Time, we’d been the Filters and had been filtered, in an overall Alchemical Process, Roasting the Salamander.”

About Jon Mueller:
Jon Mueller has been a Drummer and Percussionist since 1985. In 1990, he studied Music Theory at Columbia College and took private Drum Lessons from Hal Russell. In 2018, he took private Voice Lessons from La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela. Covering a Variety of Genres and Techniques over the Years, his aim has been to use Drums, Percussion and Sound as a Way to express something felt but not easily defined. Audiences throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Japan, and the United Kingdom have described his Performances as ‘cathartic’, ‘intense,’ and ‘meditative’. Notable solo Performances have taken Place at the Guggenheim Museum, New Museum, SXSW, Alverno Presents, Hopscotch Fest, and Musée des Beaux-Arts de Montréal.
From 1999 – 2009 he owned the Recording Label and Promotion Company Crouton, which published and promoted over 40 Releases in deluxe Presentations from Artists out of the Avant Garde. Crouton also organized Events in the Milwaukee and Chicago Areas with Artists from around the World. These were documented by the Press and even filmed as Part of a PBS Documentary on Jazz Musician Ken Vandermark.
Mueller has given Talks about Listening and Creativity at Loyola University, Viva! Art Action, Translator Lab, Wesleyan University, and PechaKucha.
He has published two Works of Fiction, Pianobread and Endings, and contributed Non-Fiction Writing to ChangeThis, Pear Noir!, and more.
More Information: Rhythmplex

About Raymond Dijkstra:
Raymond Dijkstra is a Multidisciplinary Artist working in the Fields of Music and Visual Art. His Discography entails over 120 Titles of mostly Vinyl Records. Between 2008-now he has been working on an ungoing Catalogue of 3″ and 5″ Vinyl Records, published by Editions Le Souffleur These miniature Music Pieces of 1 minute (on 3″) and 2,5 minute (on 5″) comprise Music only made with Acoustic Instruments and Acoustic Found or Household Objects, without any use of Audio Effects, thus creating A Musique Brut Type of Music, which Dijkstra likes to designate as Expressionist Music. These Experimental Acoustic Pieces (till this date 58 in total of which some contain up to 3 or 9 Records per Title) form together Raymond Dijkstra’s ‘Catalogue du Bruit’ (Noise Catalogue). Each Title came with Handmade Hardcover Mini Boxes and a Wooden Dowel attached to the Innersleeves; aswell as Handmade Artwork, often including Collage and sometimes Needle and thread, and even a Box with Mackerel Fish Skin (which innerflesh had been previously devoured by Dijkstra and after this was dried for over half a year)  among others. Dijkstra sees Catalogue du Bruit as the Centrework in his œuvre of which all different Branches of his Art and Music grows. His Music ranges from the aforementioned Musique Brut to different Types of Electronic Music. In his Electronic Music he has rarely used normal Synthesizers but prefers to work with 1950’s and 60’s Tube Oscillators and Filters.



Prima Materia


Roasting the Salamander



Prima Materia Excerpt:

Roasting The Salamander Excerpt:


Raymond Dijkstra & Jon Mueller ~ Prima Materia
 € 60   ex Postage
Prima Materia
LP  Original Artwork by Raymond Dijkstra & Jon Mueller

Artwork Description:

Raymond Dijkstra Artwork:
Gatefold Cover of Grey Cardboard with Construktivist and Cubist handdrawn Pencil Lines / Thread and Needle.

Jon Mueller Artwork:
Green/Black Mat Board, Black and Metallic Gold Acrylic Paint, Photo Corners, Pure Essential Oil, Poly Sleeve.
Improvised Symbols on Each Cover were executed using Broom Stick Fibers.


  2/25 (Artwork R Dijkstra)

  4/25 (Artwork R Dijkstra)

  6/25 (Artwork R Dijkstra)

  8/25 (Artwork R Dijkstra)

  10/25 (Artwork R Dijkstra)

  12/25 (Artwork R Dijkstra)

  14/25 (Artwork R Dijkstra)

  20/25 (Artwork R Dijkstra)


  17/25 (Artwork J Mueller)

  21/25 (Artwork J Mueller)

  19/25 (Artwork J Mueller)

  13/25 (Artwork J Mueller)

  23/25 (Artwork J Mueller)

  15/25 (Artwork J Mueller)